About us

Our Team is lead by Rudy and Lee Ammer, both experienced insurance professionals.

We want to help you adding value to your employee benefits:

  • Save you money on employee benefits
  • Make your benefit package more affordable for your employees
  • Educate and inform employees about their choices and guide them to make SMART decisions
  • Reduce employee turnover and make your benefits package more competitive
  • Increase YOUR return on YOUR Benefits Investment

Our entire team, understands the important role benefit plans play in reducing turnover and ensuring a loyal workforce. This is the foundation that we build from, to design your unique benefit offering. 

When you call, you aren’t going to get an automated telephone tree. You’ll call straight to Lee or Rudy, because we value you and your time. We want to quickly identify the concern and respond promptly with solutions.

Lee Ammer

President & CEo

Lee Ammer is an experienced Benefit and Human Resources Professional. She holds a Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR), Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR), and Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). 

She works to bring employers benefit packages that save money, provide wellness programs, easy to use and easy to administer programs. Lee brings her employee benefits knowledge and experience to lead the OG Benefits team.

Rudy Ammer

Broker owner & CEo of oughtness group

Rudy Ammer has had more than 20 years as a small business entrepreneur with an additional 20 years as a Certified Financial Planner and Insurance Broker. 

As Veteran of the US Army, Rudy developed strong moral character and continues to display this attribute with all he does. 

Since 2005 he is the Owner & CEO of Oughtness Group, a full-service life insurance, investments, and financial planning agency.

We are YOUR Advocate

Any type of change can be difficult. We work to make transitions smooth for you and your staff. Our team is there for you. We help support your company growth by scaling up with services when you need them. We do more than hand you a renewal package. We sit on the same side of the table with YOU, working with you. Here is our collaborative approach:

  • Gather data and assess needs
  • Present superior options and secure final decisions by management
  • Design and present materials customized for YOUR company
  • Facilitate enrollment and carrier submission
  • Handle ongoing new hire benefits orientation and terminations
  • Meet as regularly as YOU need