Buyer Beware of Aliera Healthcare!

Healthcare cost-sharing ministry being investigated.

Aliera investigation

You, your neighbors, your friends or coworkers may be enrolled in Aliera Healthcare.

Be advised as of Friday, July 12, 2019, that Judge Lora Livingston, Texas District Court Judge, blocked Aliera Healthcare from signing up new members during the ongoing litigation.

Aliera is currently under investigation by the FBI, Texas Attorney General’s Office and Georgia Attorney General’s Office. The State of Washington has ordered Aliera to stop doing business in that state. Several other states’ department of insurance now have consumer warnings about the company on their websites.

Aliera Healthcare is not an insurance company, but a heath care cost-sharing ministry. This fast-growing type of coverage is based on Biblical principled, like-minded individuals that believe they should help each other in times of need. In this case, members contribute monthly to an Aliera administered fund to help pay for future medical needs. Because the group is not covered by insurance laws, Aliera has no legal obligation to pay claims that are filed on behalf of the participating members.

While there are some faith-based ministries operating legitimately, there are others that are taking advantage of not being regulated by any government body.


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