ACA 2019 Affordability Standard and Out of Pocket Maximums

On May 21, the IRS announced in Revenue Procedure 2018-34 the 2019 shared-responsibility affordability percentage. Based on the ACA’s affordability standard as adjusted for inflation, health coverage will satisfy the requirement to be affordable if the lowest-cost self-only coverage option available to employees does

More from the IRS

The hits just keep on coming.   Latest news from the IRS this week is concerning ACA enforcement even though Washington is busy trying to dismantle the machine. The IRS warns us that although the employee mandate is not being enforced

Why you should open letters from the IRS

It’s that time of year when the IRS starts rumbling again. But April 15 is the least of your problems if you have more than 50 employees, and get a certain IRS letter called the 226J. If you open your

Form 1095 Information

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) added two employer reporting requirements to the Internal Revenue Code (Code), which will take effect for 2015 reporting: Code § 6056 requires applicable large employers (ALEs) to provide an annual statement to each full-time employee