Customized Benefits for ALL

OG Benefits is on the leading edge of employee benefit design. Our innovative ideas, tailored to your company, bring maximum value to your benefit package. Benefits are complicated and ever changing. Benefit Programs are ALL we do, this is why we want to be your benefits broker. By analyzing your employee demographics, we deliver a comprehensive benefits package valued by everyone. Your company is unique. Your employee benefits should be as well.

Cost-Effective Solutions for ALL

OG Benefits looks at the current benefits package to identify unnecessary and wasted coverage. Employers have to balance costs with useable benefits valued by their employees. As your benefit brokers, we will recommend reallocating benefit dollars among plans that today’s workforce values. Our recommendations will include solutions that educate and change employee behavior, reducing future claims experience.

We Fix Broken Benefit Plans

OG Benefits will assess your current program and make recommendations based on your budget goals and your workforce demographics. Generally, more than 90% of your company benefits expense goes for medical insurance. Working as YOUR benefits broker, we optimize your dollars spent, to deliver plan features that your workforce values. Your workforce is more informed and satisfied with their decisions, leading to less turnover and more return on YOUR benefit dollars spent.