Start Now and Change Your Benefit Plans

It's never too late!

Changing benefit plans is never easy, but neither is losing money.

If OG Benefits can save you 10% of your spend and you apply half of that savings to enhance your total benefits offering, you will still have 5% of your spend to move to your bottom line.

Is it really worth it to wait until your new plan year? Wouldn’t you like to have that money hitting your profit line in 2 months?

Let's get started

1 | 12 weeks prior to effective date

We agree upon timelines to meet your objectives and goals. OG Benefits will present a variety of plan types and benefit options available to you as the employer.

2 | 10 weeks prior to effective date

Gather data including census, existing policies & statements, pull loss runs and secure commitment from employer.

3 | 8 weeks prior to effective date

Analyze, develop and present options to employer.

4 | 7 weeks prior to effective date

Final decisions from management team regarding plan choices for employees. Develop communications to employees and timeline for delivery.

5 | 4 weeks prior to effective date

Implement plan including final approval of benefit booklets and presentation materials. Schedule meetings and one-on-one consultation dates. Complete enrollment.

6 | effective date and beyond

Data transmission to providers/carriers and payroll. Employees receive cards for effective date. OG Benefits is available by phone, email or in person, for FAQs and continued regular meetings with HR to assure smooth transition and troubleshooting as needed.

Customized Benefit communication, relevant to your employees, allows them to feel informed and satisfied with their decisions. 

This RESULTS in lower turnover and increased ROI on your benefits expense.